Our manufacturing journey begins in 1990 with Haiti Plastic Inc as a simple extrusion and printing line.


This adventure has grown into an international scale organization named Sogeplast S.A. (Société Général de Plastiques S.A.) offering state-of-the-art packaging solutions and household items to a large customer base. Groupe HM has invested heavily in the most modern plastic process technologies and has one of the largest integrated facilities for extrusion, injection and blow molding lines. Our activities manifest our concern for careful attention to the minutest requirements of our valued customers. We strongly believe that we must live up to the expectations of our customers and provide them with superior quality and advanced packaging products, in compliance with international standards. This has helped us build a strong relationship base which is the backbone of our organization. The future growth of the company is being propelled through the development of new products and creation of new markets, both domestic and international. 


While developing the plastic industry, the Pasta division was created; Caribbean Pasta S.A. has been producing long and short pasta since 2003 and is today one the most important manufacturer of pasta in the Caribbean producing more than 10,500 Metric Tons per month for local and international market.


As the pasta market grows every year in Haiti and the logistic of good flour semolina is getting more complicated, Groupe HM decided to invest in a semolina/flour milling plant to add more value to its chain by creating Caribbean Milling S.A. We pride ourselves on teamwork and creating synergies. Each member of our team is focused on working together to create efficiency in solving problems.


Le Natal S.A. is a printing company founded in 1976 who was recently acquired by Groupe HM. Provided with a qualified staff, the company quickly established itself on the market with the high quality of its printing and of its customer service.
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Quality Policy
Environment Policy
Social Accountability Policy
Comply with the applicable environmental legislations and regulations.

Optimize utilization of resources such as water, energy and raw materials.
Recycle all the primary waste material from our production process with the objective of minimizing the environment impact of our operations.

Encourage the collection of plastic that we recycle and process for new product manucturing and development.
Manufacturing and supplying products of a quality that will meet or exceed the expectations of our customers.

Continued improvements in the products through technological advancements.

Constantly training and developing the skills, capabilities and competence levels of all employees.

Routine inspection and verification of our products at all stages.
Contributor to Project Medishare

Contributor to Hôpital Bernard Mevs

Sponsorship of Haiti Tec (Technical Institute)

Sponsorship of sport activities (soccer, basketball, karate…)

Monthly pasta distribution to Orphanage, Hospitals and Christmas gift distribution to needful kids.
Our Ethics and Conduct Code
At Groupe HM, we have set a code of Conduct that enforces highly moral labor and commercial relationships. We believe that such code will allow us to reach greater success while providing satisfation and trust to all our stakeholders. 
We are driven by such principles.

Our Mission
To be the Haitian supplier of choice in all areas of our present and future expertise by elevating and prioritizing customer partnerships and inspire trust through our commitment and dedication of listening to our clients needs and deliver quality products.
To be a leading manufacturer in Haiti participating in the country economic growth through our services and products where our quality level pushes every Haitian to use at least one of our products every day while also reinforcing the positive image of Haiti on the international scene through exportation.
Our Vision
Our Values
In the pursuit of our vision and to accomplish our mission,
our work and business activities are guided by the following:

• Approach our work with a positive attitude
• Deliver quality products and services
• Listening to our customers
• Remember that teamwork achieves superior results          
• Be open to new ideas
• Be dedicated to continuous improvement
• Demonstrate excellence in our job performance
• Take responsibility for our individual actions
• Be trustworthy in our dealings with others
• Treat everyone with respect, dignity and courtesy
• Conduct our business with customers with integrity
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